FSDL (Frogans Slide Description Language) is an XML-based markup language used to create and publish Frogans sites on the Internet.

Technical specifications

FSDL 3.0 - Preliminary version - Status: Work in progress

The FSDL technical specification sets forth the third generation of the markup language used to create Frogans slides. Frogans slides are interconnected, free-form pages which make up Frogans sites. A Frogans slide is rendered identically by Frogans Player on all end-user devices regardless of the screen size. A Frogans slide is either static or generated dynamically by the server hosting the Frogans site. This language, based on XML, covers both the format used for FSDL documents, each one describing a Frogans slide, and the format used for FSDL-Request documents, each one being sent conditionally by Frogans Player to the server when the end user browses to a new Frogans slide.

The FSDL 3.0 technical specification is in the process of being drawn up.

In the meantime, the OP3FT is looking for feedback from the developer community. The following resources are provided to enable developers to take their first steps with FSDL and create their first Frogans sites:

To receive announcements relating to FSDL, subscribe free of charge to the Announcement read-only mailing list.

To post questions or suggestions relating to this version of FSDL, subscribe free of charge to the Early-questions mailing list.

Any contribution to the development of the Frogans technology, in any form, is considered as acceptance of the Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy and the commitments it contains, without restriction or reserve.

Historical versions of the FSDL specification

These historical technical specifications of the Frogans technology were granted free of charge and irrevocably by STG Interactive S.A. to the OP3FT, as part of the initial endowment of the OP3FT when the latter was created in 2012.

Software tools

Reference implementation

The FSDL Software Library is the reference implementation of the Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL) technical specification.

The FSDL Software Library provides the ability to parse and validate FSDL documents, and render them as Frogans slides. The FSDL Software Library also provides access to prepared resources and individual layers of Frogans slides.

Latest version

The following alpha version of the FSDL Software Library is embedded in version alpha 1.5.6 of Frogans Player for Developers.

Deprecated versions

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