This Web site is the official source of the technical specifications of the Frogans technology, their reference implementations, as well as the various policies concerning the Frogans technology. This Web site is published by the OP3FT.

If you are looking for information on the company F2R2, the FCR Operator, and in particular on its ongoing public share offering operation (available to residents of France only), see the Web site

Frogans is a new medium for publishing content and services on the Internet.

Compared to the World Wide Web, the new medium is intended to suggest publishing content and services which involve:

Frogans as a medium is meant for publishing Frogans sites. A Frogans site is a new kind of online site founded on a new format.

Frogans sites are browsed using the free-of-charge Frogans Player software. They are rendered identically on all end-user devices, right down to the pixel level, and regardless of the screen size.

Each Frogans site is accessible via its Frogans address. A Frogans address is an international identifier using a short and simple pattern built around the asterisk: Network-name*Site-name

A Frogans site is made up of free-form pages called Frogans slides which are interconnected. Frogans slides are created and published using an XML-based markup language called the Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL), which is defined in the FSDL technical specification.

For a general understanding of the technology making up the new medium, see the Frogans Technology Overview

The Frogans technology is released in the form of an open standard, available to all free of charge. It is developed by the OP3FT, a dedicated, independent, non-profit standards developing organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology. For more information on the OP3FT, see

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