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The Frogans technology is a secure technology for the publishing of content on the Internet, open to the creativity of publishers and in the service of all Internet users. It enables the implementation of a new software layer on the Internet, called the Frogans layer, alongside other existing software layers such as E-mail or the Web.

On this Web site, you can download resources provided by the OP3FT regarding the developement and use of the Frogans technology.

To get resources concerning the OP3FT or to make a donation to support the Frogans project, please visit If you are interested in the registration of Frogans addresses or Frogans networks, please visit

Last update: September 11, 2017.




Video presentations

Frogans Sites in Action   [video without audio]

In the above video, Frogans Player for Developers [noinstall] - Mac OS X - Alpha 0.17.1 is used

Introducing Frogans Technology

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Technical specifications

FSDL technical specification and software library Preliminary version 3.0 of the Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL) technical specification.

The Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL) technical specification is used to create and publish Frogans sites on the Internet or in intranets. FSDL documents are exchanged between the Frogans Player software and the server where the Frogans site is hosted.
IFAP technical specification Version 1.1 of the International Frogans Address Pattern (IFAP) technical specification.

This document sets forth the pattern applicable to Frogans addresses. A Frogans address is a string of characters used to identify a Frogans site published on a computer network, such as the Internet or an intranet. A Frogans address may contain international characters and may be written either from left to right or from right to left, depending on the writing system.
FACR technical specification Version 1.0 of the Frogans Address Composition Rules (FACR) technical specification.

This document sets forth the composition rules applicable to Frogans addresses. These rules focus on security. They manage language-related issues by introducing the concepts of linguistic categories and convergence forms. The composition rules apply to Frogans addresses that are compliant with the pattern defined in the International Frogans Address Pattern (IFAP) specification. These rules are enforced by the FCR Operator when a Frogans address is added to the FCR.

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Policies and Contracts

Frogans Technology User Policy The Frogans Technology User Policy.

The Frogans technology is held by the OP3FT as part of its public-interest mission. Any person intending to use the Frogans technology must comply with the conditions of use defined in this policy: an end user of Frogans sites, a publisher of a Frogans site, a designer, developer, host, indexer of Frogans sites, a holder of a Frogans address or of a Frogans network, an FCR account administrator, and the FCR Operator. This policy also covers the creation of resources and the development of software based on the Frogans technology, as well as the responsible redistribution of the Frogans Player software.
Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for Frogans Addresses The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for Frogans Addresses (UDRP-F) and its Rules of procedure.

The aim of the UDRP-F and its Rules is to protect trademark holders from abusive registrations of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks in the FCR. The UDRP-F and its Rules are an adaptation of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and its Rules. The differences between the UDRP and the UDRP-F are summarized in the document of the Rules for UDRP-F (see "Notes"). A redline document is also available for information purposes.
Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy The Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy.

The objective of the Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy is to present the conditions that any person, who contributes to the development of the Frogans technology, undertakes to respect. These conditions are necessary to preserve the integrity, stability and free-of-charge use of the Frogans technology, as well as the perpetual nature of the rights to use the Frogans technology.
OP3FT Trademark Usage Policy The OP3FT Trademark Usage Policy.

The purpose of the OP3FT Trademark Usage Policy is to enable any person, individual or organization, to use OP3FT trademarks in references or as part of initiatives in connection with the Frogans technology. This Policy is intended to foster the construction of an ecosystem on top of the Frogans technology and to enable entrepreneurs to develop and successfully manage their activities in a global context.
Frogans Core Registry Delegation Agreement The Frogans Core Registry (FCR) Delegation Agreement signed between the OP3FT and the FCR Operator.

The FCR Operator is responsible for the technical and commercial operation of the FCR, by putting itself at the service of Internet users. The Frogans Core Registry Delegation Agreement formalizes the obligations of the FCR Operator, including the payment to the OP3FT, as revenue of its endowment, of royalties relating to the license to operate the FCR.

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Documentary resources

Presentations given on the Frogans project Presentations given by the OP3FT on the Frogans project at third-party conferences and meetings.

These presentations include for example: a presentation given to trademark holders at the 136th annual meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Hong Kong; a presentation given to domain name registrars at the 50th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in London.
Position of the Frogans layer in the Internet Illustration of the position occupied by the Frogans layer in the Internet.

The Frogans layer is a new software layer for publishing content and services on the Internet in the form of Frogans sites. It is one of the generic software layers of the Internet, just like E-Mail and the World Wide Web.
Context of the introduction of "Frogans sites" on the Internet Presentation of the context of the introduction of Frogans sites on the Internet, which will represent a new step in the development of the Internet.

This document notably includes: a reminder of the global functioning of the Internet (Part 1.1), a presentation of the increasing difficulties faced by publishers of on-line content today to maintain relations with end users using mobile devices (Part 1.2), and how Frogans sites can solve these problems (Part 2).
The 4 permanent objectives of the Frogans project Overview of the 4 permanent objectives of the Frogans project since its origin.

The permanent pursuit of these 4 objectives by the OP3FT has a direct impact on users of the Frogans technology, e.g., in terms of privacy, security, stability and innovation. This one-page document provides an overview of these fundamental objectives.

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