UDSM (Uniform Digital Signature Mechanism) is a uniform mechanism for including and verifying digital signatures in an XML-based markup language.

The UDSM mechanism is used in both the FNSL and FPUL languages. All FNSL and FPUL documents retrieved by Frogans Player are digitally signed by the FCR Operator or the OP3FT, respectively.

UDSM protects a given element of the XML-based markup language. The digital signature is embedded directly in the document using specific XML elements.

UDSM does not propose new cryptography technologies. It utilizes existing technologies such as public-key cryptography and elliptic curves.

Technical specifications

UDSM 1.0 - Status: Work in progress

The UDSM technical specification is in the process of being drawn up.

Reference implementation

The reference implementation of the UDSM technical specification is under development.

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